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The Incredibles Guild

World of Warcraft

Retail: Boulderfist

Classic: Atiesh


Guild Master



XO: Twistednight

Bank Officer: Alayia




Guild Liaison: Shreazla

Recruiting Officer: Shailya

Class Leaders

Druid: Lunette

Rogue: Lotusvenom

Warlock: Aegisu

Mage: Fizzli

Hunter: Rifleman

Paladin: Ultramarine

Shaman: INeedAHerosm

Warrior: Yopapa

Priest: Shreazla

The History of The Incredibles

Est 2004

The Incredibles Guild. We're a guild with long history, but I will try to be brief. Back in 2004 on Boulderfist a character named Inderal stood in Westfall asking for charter signatures for a guild called <The Incredibles> because his kids just loved that movie. Fast forward a few months and the guild had grown under the leadership of the Dead Presidents (Roose, Taft, Jefferson, Coolidge) and the resident IT super genius/Raid Leader Vexer.
They progressed pretty well and consistently and as TBC loomed they stepped up the game snatching Server First SSC and almost Server First TK. Server First TK was stolen when the raid lockout was taken by a group of people who separated from the guild and formed their own taking the kill with the Increds lockout. I tell this story because to a normal or average guild this would of been a guild breaker. The guild did not collapse though they pulled from their other raid teams and cleared the rest of the content in BC even participating in many realm firsts in Wrath (lots of people pugged for the first clears with level 80s). and the guild has continued to go strong through BFA working on Mythic Progression. We've made guilds in ESO, SWTOR, LOTRO, Guild Wars 2.
Clans in SC2, Diablo 3, Steam, Destiny, League of Legends. We've had 5 guild conventions over our 15 years as a community. With attendance of 50+ people. Guild members go to conventions together, get married, drive across the country to meet up with their friends. The long and short of it is our Philosophy. We are a Friends and Family guild that happens to raid. This ideal has allowed us to step back from the game and look at the people we're playing with. The people are why we play, why we come back. Joining the Incredibles is joining a community that is bigger than just Warcraft its a family, yours and ours.

by Miniwing